The aim of MASA is to produce a set of standards (that can be downloaded from here) that Martial Arts Associations, Schools and Clubs can sign up to regardless of which Art they practice. Signing up to the Standards will identify that the Association, School or Club is run on a safe and professional basis, and will be a recommendation to prospective students. If Associations/Schools/Clubs are not yet able to fully meet the Standards, they can still sign up to show their intent and MASA will provide access to the appropriate resources to enable them to meet the required Standards. In addition, MASA will recommend that Associations/Schools/Clubs use a system of Instructor Accreditation. This would confirm that individual Instructors have:
  • Successfully passed a Criminal Record Check within the last year.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance of £5m per incident
  • Attended a Coaching Course covering as a minimum;
    • Health & Safety
    • Coaching Adults and Children
    • Protection of Children From Abuse
    • Session Planning
    • An appropriately obtained technical qualification such as a Dan Grade, Degree or equivalent
MASA acknowledges the work of Sport England and particularly the Club Mark Resource Pack which formed the basis for some of the templates provided in this document. This document refers to Club and /or Association. This description would also include “School” or “Business”..