Frequently Asked Questions

Is MASA another Martial Arts Governing Body? No it’s not. In fact we guide people to the necessary governing body if we feel they would benefit from membership.

What is the purpose of MASA? MASA is an initiative from the Martial Arts industry to ensure that all clubs and associations have the information and resources necessary to teach to National Standards. MASA is not in competition with any other body. It is in fact, a unique resource that will help any club or association that is able to meet the standards to qualify and once they are met, will recognise them, permitting the use of the MASA logo. MASA will also recognise and use as a resource, any provider of the qualifications. Businesses involved in the Martial Arts can also join and promote MASA standards.

Can MASA standards be applied across all the Martial Arts? Yes.

Can’t Martial Arts clubs just work with their respective governing bodies? The governing bodies recognised by Sport England are fopr the purposes of administering grant aid for sport. Many Martial Arts clubs do not fall into that category of sport or under the auspicies of those bodies. The Martial Arts are a huge industry that needs to provide a set of standards that are equitable with sport and the leisure and fitness industry, MASA has been developed to fulfil that role.

What happens if a club or association doesn’t meet the standards? MASA will give them provisional membership and will guide them to the providers that are best suited to help them qualify. When they have qualified, they will become full members and permitted to use the logo.

How do we join? The forms, standards and direct debit form can all be downloaded here.